Leading and Managing in English

Description and Target audience

Managing in English is a programme to develop and significantly improve English language and communication competence. It is a programme to build and expand leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and communication confidence when working globally with diverse teams.

It is a customized training programme to maximize effective delivery, rapport and productivity to successfully achieve objectives with international contacts, clients and colleagues.

 Benefits and Goals

Sessions and Topics

All participants will use their management and leadership skills while focusing on expanding and strengthening core language and communication skills. For an overview of the contents see the appendix (below).


The system of training will be based on an Awareness-Analysis-Practice-Application-Transfer-Review-Reflection principle. Training will be orientated towards self-exploration, self-learning and exchange of information.

The training course is highly participative, interactive with mixed input and output sessions. There will be a variety of pace, exercises, professional skills activities, role plays and simulations.


 Start Level, Length and Participants

Participants should already have a good working knowledge of English – B1/B2 on the European Council Reference Grid.

Length: 3 – 5 Days

Participants: 1 – 12

Who is it for?

Anyone who feels they are not reaching their maximum potential while working internationally with customers, clients and colleagues in English.

Appendix – Core Competences

During training sessions the following areas of Management Competence are explored and utilized.

Appendix – Focus Areas

As this is a highly customized course, the professional content and focus areas are determined by the participants. Below is a sample of professional skills regularly included in training.

These are not exhaustive. They are added to and altered depending on the needs of the participants and the organisation’s or sponsor’s requirements.

Communication Process and Interpersonal Skills

Vocabulary Development

Structural Language and Grammar

Professional Skills 1

Professional Skills 2

Cultural Sensitivity & Intercultural Skills

Telephone and Writing skills

Where can the course be held?

Courses can be held in Bath Spa and vicinity, or in any location you choose.

If you do choose to have your course/workshop in the scenic Roman city of Bath, you can choose between staying with a host family, in a guest house or hotel.