Interpersonal Communication and Coaching

Description and Target Audience

This programme focuses on communication and interaction between members of a team or group.

The starting point is when the  facilitator/trainer observes team/group interaction, for example, during an international management meeting or negotiation. (S)he then provides feedback on the whole communication process, including;  language, intercultural communication and interpersonal interaction between the individuals taking part.

Coaching is developed from these observations, it is delivered on both a one-to-one and group basis.

Benefits and Goals

Content and Methodology

  1. Observation, feedback and mini- motivation sessions during and/or after meetings and professional discussions
  2. Coaching to maximise individual development (based on observations). Focus on:
    • Intercultural communication skills in international teams
    • Relationships, team building and participating in cross-border teams
    • Core individual interpersonal competencies required by successful international executives, such as:  self-awareness and management skills, leading and motivating winning teams, focus on process and/or results, trust building, handling different motivation, expectations and outcomes.
    • Group/team and individuals indentify ‘own’ values, challenges, gaps and how they impact on the working environment
    • Personal feedback sessions for handling challenges, focusing on goals and strategies for moving forward
    • Getting commitment from participants, including a ‘Team Charter’

The system of training is be based on an Awareness-Analysis-Practice-Application-Transfer-review-reflection principle. Training is orientated towards self-exploration, self-learning and exchange of information.

The training course is highly participative, interactive with mixed input and output sessions. There is a variety of pace, exercises, professional skills activities, role plays and simulations.

Start Level, Length and Participants

Participants should already have a good working knowledge of English – B1/B2 on the European Council Reference Grid.

Length: 1 – 2 Days + mixed sessions

Participants: 1 – 15

Programme format

Session Length Details
Management meeting
1 Day Observation by trainer / facilitator
Interactive feedback during the day
Coaching group
Coaching 1:1
3-4 hr sessions
60-90 minutes sessions (x 3-6)
Observation by trainer / facilitator
Interactive feedback during the day

Who is it for?

Individuals and group/team members who feel that they or their team are not reaching  full potential.

Participants who want to maximise their effectiveness and efficiency in interpersonal and intercultural relationships.

Participants who want to explore their roles and improve cooperation as leaders, managers and/or members of international teams.


Where can the course be held?

Courses can be held in Bath Spa and vicinity, or in any location you choose.

If you do choose to have your course/workshop in the scenic Roman city of Bath, you can choose between staying with a host family, in a guest house or hotel.