Intercultural Awareness (Part 1 – Introduction & Part 2 – Development)

Description and Target audience

This workshop is for people, both business and professional, who have international contacts.

It is for people who interface with foreign clients and colleagues, where English is the language of communication in meetings, negotiations, projects, teams, etc.

Benefits and Goals

 Professional and personal benefits:

Client and Cultural Focus

Training Sessions and Discussions Topics

Start Level, Length and Participants

Participants should already have a good working knowledge of English – B1/B2 on the European Council Reference Grid.

Length: 2 + 2 Days

Participants: Max 12

Where can the course be held?

Courses can be held in Bath Spa and vicinity, or in any location you choose.

If you do choose to have your course/workshop in the scenic Roman city of Bath, you can choose between staying with a host family, in a guest house or hotel.