Global Competence Programme (2020-21)


Programme – background

This Professionals’ programme aims to develop and raise each participant’s global competence, and to enhance and expand their communication and professional skills.

This programme will broaden and deepen practical knowledge, experience and expertise to enable managers and leaders to transform the way they work across different cultures.

Course aims

Each course is designed to increase self-awareness, to encourage and support the participants so they can fully realise and expand their skills and competence in a multi-cultural context.


Each course inspires and strengthens individuals to be more robust, versatile, dynamic, innovative, productive, motivated and competitive professionals.

Development focus:


Course Outline

The courses available in this programme are separate but mutually compatible.

Design considerations:

Available courses (open and closed)


Courses are both ‘Open’ and ‘Closed’ (customised to the requirements of specific companies, organisation, sectors, industries and target audiences).


As each course is very specific to the needs of each participant, it is a good idea to contact Provox Training and Consulting directly.

Details of individual courses will be outlined and a pre-course questionnaire completed.



Where can the course be held?

Courses can be held in Bath Spa and vicinity, or in any location you choose.

If you do choose to have your course/workshop in the scenic Roman city of Bath, you can choose between staying with a host family, in a guest house or hotel.