Customised Training & Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Description and Target audience

This is customised training and coaching designed for individual participants or groups with very specific needs. After a careful needs audit, the programme is designed in close cooperation with the participants and sponsor

This kind of programme is particularly suitable for individuals and homogenous groups (corporate, organisational or professional) who want to focus on maximising language, communication and professional skills effectiveness in focused areas, such as:

Benefits and Goals

Content and Methodology

The content depends entirely on the wishes of the individual or group.

Each course is specifically tailor-made and may cover a wide range of language/communication and professional subject areas. On the other hand, an individual may wish to build competence and confidence in one single area of performance, such as preparation for a presentation, negotiation or other professional encounter.

Training is based on awareness-analysis-review -practice-application-transfer-reflect rationale.

Each course is carefully planned to include a balance between input and practise sessions. Moreover, visits to relevant organisations and companies can be arranged.

Start Level, Length and Participants

This is our most popular training course. It can be delivered in Bath Spa (UK), Ponte De Lima (Portugal) or at any location of your choice.

Participants should already have a reasonable working knowledge of English – B1/B2 on the European Council Reference Grid.

Length: 2 – 5 Days

Participants: Max 3 – 12

Where can the course be held?

Courses can be held in Bath Spa and vicinity, or in any location you choose.

If you do choose to have your course/workshop in the scenic Roman city of Bath, you can choose between staying with a host family, in a guest house or hotel.