Rob and Associates


Provox Training and Consulting has a network of associate coaches and trainers who help deliver language, intercultural communication,  management and cross-functional customised programmes.

Provox Training and Consulting and team are continuously delivering standard, specialist and customised courses to help individuals communicate effectively.

Our focus is to ensure participants are aware of what they want to professionally achieve in each situation, what behaviour and action they need to consider and be prepared for. This means considering the communication processes,  culture(s), and personalities involved.

We focus on expanding and strengthening our participants’ competence and confidence so they can go ahead and reach their objectives.

 Rob Farebrother

Rob established Provox Training and Consulting in the late 1980’s.

Rob is a professional trainer, coach and consultant specialising in the development of professional skills, cross-functional management, leadership and intercultural communication competence. His courses are delivered in English.

His enthusiastic delivery of training and coaching for over 30 years, coupled with his detailed knowledge of organisations, businesses, management and leadership issues, means he is a highly proficient coach. He delivers training, workshops and lectures to both private and public sectors, and across a broad cultural spectrum.

His focus is on achieving programme and project goals, improved bottom line numbers and a highly enthusiastic workforce. He works with a broad spectrum of companies and organisations, local, global, corporate and SMEs, treating each with the same enthusiasm, openness and professional level of service.

Rob has had a lifelong passion for observation and exploration of cultural diversity. He originally studied sociology and social anthropology and spent many years living and training in: Egypt, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, China, Japan and Vietnam.

Rob’s motivating training workshops and programmes are both holistic and customised to the specific needs of the participants.

The training and coaching sessions, workshops and programmes are focused on achieving agreed goals, while enhancing productivity and tangible success. This is achieved by supporting and encouraging participants to enhance effective and excellent communication and professional competence, within and across different cultures. The training and coaching is designed to deepen and widen self-awareness, to get participants to fully expand, utilise and maximise professional competence relevant to the position and environment they work in.

Rob Farebrother’s motivation comes from his strong enthusiasm to learn and understand interpersonal interactions across borders and to explore what makes individuals, groups and teams ‘tick.’ He has a broad interdisciplinary background which he applies to develop versatility, innovation, dynamism, flexibility, openness and motivation in individuals.

He has written a number of books, training manuals, animated films and interactive training modules as diverse as; business role-plays and simulations, port and harbour operatives, truck drivers, change management, human resources, union representatives, project managers and intercultural communication awareness.

Rob has three daughters and lives in an old coal mine manager’s house in Radstock, just south of Bath Spa, in the south-west part of the UK. When not training and coaching he grows vegetables on his allotment and listens to a lot of music!