Assessment and Needs Analysis

Assessment and needs are based on observed:

The combination of the parts form a holistic view of where an individual is, and provides a basis for mapping where (s)he needs to be. From that, we establish a gap that is closed through training, workshops and coaching.

Assessment is not just based on regular  practical and relevant tests, but takes into account all aspects of using English and intercultural communication effectively in professional situations, including; meetings, negotiations, presentations, electronic and written communication, academic requirements, etc., to achieve specified objectives.

Assessment is based on authentic assessment; this includes an individual’s competence and reflects the progress, collection and assimilation of language, communication devices and professional skills, together with the spontaneity, creativity and the range of accomplishments achieved.

Assessment is the summative evaluation and mastery of key knowledge and skills, including; the individual’s development, the communication  and educational tools (s)he has collected and utilised, the obstacles (s)he has managed to overcome and, in addition, the performance (s)he is able to deliver and the objectives desired.