• Communication
  • Professional Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Learning Principles

Communication Skills

With over30 years of experience working with professionals, we understand the challenges individuals, organisations and companies face. We help –

• Managers and leaders communicate effectively across borders to make knowledgeable choices that matter internationally

• Build successful international relationships between teams, colleagues and clients

• Develop international leadership and management competence and coach individuals who work in challenging international contexts

Professional Skills

Professional competence includes the skills, knowledge and experience required to get the job done.

We have broad knowledge and experience of different professional topics, from finance to engineering,  human resources to manufacturing, from administration and public sector organisations to operations in multinationals, SMEs, etc.

We are skilled and experienced experts at enhancing this knowledge to support, train and coach individuals and groups to apply their professional skills, reach personal potential and achieve their goals.

Management Skills

We are convinced that successful learning and practical application is achieved by combining input from motivated participants and very stimulating training.

Our extensive knowledge of international management and leadership, training skills and experience help achieve success.

We rely on; ‘classroom’ experiences, networks of professionals working globally, and insights from more academic research, to ensure we deliver customised coaching, stimulating workshops and professional management training.

Learning Skills

Our strength comes from the combination of extensive knowledge, broad experience and ‘open-eyed’ enthusiasm.


We customise courses to match our  customers’ professional needs.


We are with you to optimise output and see tangible bottom line figures.

Provox Training and Consulting (PTC) specialises in the design and delivery of: 

  • International Business, management, leadership and entrepreneurship courses at University level.

  • Intercultural, cross-functional management and leadership training for professional and corporate clients working globally.


  • delivers highly customised training and uses comprehensive knowledge of our customers’ businesses and potential. 

  • helps develop an innovative, motivated, committed and enthusiastic workforce.

  • provide modern international managers and students with realistic up-to-date case studies.

  • encourages and supports immediate application of  training, relevant situations, cases for tangible results. 

  • develops curious and motivated students.

  • provides  executive training courses, programmes, lectures and workshops both in the UK and worldwide.



"The friendly attitude, experience and accurate focus translated into a very high standard of training."

— CEO, Poland

"My expectations on each training session are always exceeded. My trainer does not just understand our business, but has in-depth knowledge of it. He guides and encourages on each training session."

— Business Manager, Sweden

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